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Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)


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Ask the Experts is MyEggNest's free service for questions on Junior ISAs and any aspect of family finance.

Ask our Independent Financial Advisor Steve Weisner a question here.

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Child Tax-Exempt Savings Plans

Did you know that Children's Tax-Exempt Savings Plans (TESPs) also provide a long-term, tax-free way to save for your children's future?

Click here
to find out more about a tax-efficient way to build up a nest-egg for your child in addition to a Junior ISA, and compare providers.

Free Prize Draw

Enter our FREE Prize Draw and one lucky winner, chosen at random, will receive £250 added to their Children Savings Account.

MyEggNest is proud to support Get Connected.

You can learn more about Get Connected, a free, confidential helpline for young people, here.

To find out how you can make a donation, visit www.getconnected.org.uk.


Cashback for your kids every time you shop ! from KidStart.

Register with KidStart for free and when you shop online at hundreds of well known retailers and at selected high street partners KidStart will give you up to 20% back on every pound you spend, which we automatically place the savings into any UK bank or building society.

KidStart is a great way to save for your kids future - how does it work?:

KidStart want you to save the money we give you for your children ... or ... grandchildren, nieces, nephews .... a children's charity or school. It is simple to join and use KidStart for all your regular shopping from groceries to clothes, technology to travel and pampering .

Just click here and register for free.

Your transactions will be recorded in your personal online account and the money placed in your online "kiddybank". When your savings reach £10 we will transfer your money into any UK bank or building society account you tell us - even your existing child trust fund. All you need to do is tell us where you want the money to be deposited and KidStart do the rest - we collect your savings and place it where you tell us.

Where can you shop?

There are hundreds on well known online retailers, clothes, food, nursery, financial service companies, utilities and more, working with KidStart. It is easy to find the retailer you want to shop at - either go to the menu of retailers and scroll down in alphabetical order or use the search button.

In addition to online, we have partners in the high street and over the phone. For example: Jo Jo Maman Bebe gives you 5% back on any purchase in the high street and for Superbreak you can call over the phone quoting a KidStart reference to get your savings.

Most Popular Retailers:
Sainsburys - 50p back for your kids, every time you make a grocery purchase
Argos - up to 5% back for your kids
Jo Jo Maman Bebe - 5% back for your kids online or in the high street
Boots.com - up to 3.5% back for your kids plus Advantage Card Points
Marks and Spencers - up to 2% back for your kids
Early Learning Centre - 4% back for your kids
Expedia.co.uk - up to 8% back for your kids on all your travel arrangements
• And 400 other retailers to choose from

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KidStart is the only business of its kind in the UK

As parents, we know what parents want most - to look after the wellbeing of their kids. The cost of living in the UK, even before the economic downturn and credit crunch started, was very high and made it difficult to always find money to put aside into a child's savings. KidStart is the perfect solution - to save for your children as you do your regular shopping.

The key to KidStart's success is its simplicity: every time a parent does their regular shop or essential buys, even Christmas and birthday gifts, books or even a family holiday they simultaneously get given money to save for their child's future.

Make KidStart work for you!

Here are what two KidStart members have to say:

"What a fantastic and easy to use website - I saved £22 this week by just buying what I would normally have bought direct. Thank you"

"I first read about Kidstart in the sunday papers during the summer. It seemed to good to be true, but anything that helps build towards the future for my 2 year old is worth a try. It has not disappointed. In the few months I have been registered to Kidstart, I have seen regular credits to my daughters account, and in the current financial climate I am acutely aware that every penny counts. By doing my normal shopping through Kidstart I can provide my daughter with a nest egg for her to spend as she wishes. This is truly an investment in her future and one I have and would continue to urge other parents to look into for their own bundles of joy, whatever their age."

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