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Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)


Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts is MyEggNest's free service for questions on Junior ISAs and any aspect of family finance.

Ask our Independent Financial Advisor Steve Weisner a question here.

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Child Tax-Exempt Savings Plans

Did you know that Children's Tax-Exempt Savings Plans (TESPs) also provide a long-term, tax-free way to save for your children's future?

Click here
to find out more about a tax-efficient way to build up a nest-egg for your child in addition to a Junior ISA, and compare providers.

Free Prize Draw

Enter our FREE Prize Draw and one lucky winner, chosen at random, will receive £250 added to their Children Savings Account.

MyEggNest is proud to support Get Connected.

You can learn more about Get Connected, a free, confidential helpline for young people, here.

To find out how you can make a donation, visit www.getconnected.org.uk.


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Please send us your comments. Here at MyEggNest we love to hear your views and ideas. Ultimately, our primary goal is to provide you and other parents with the information you need to make informed decisions about your children's future.  So please help us to help you.

Use the form below to email any views and comments you may have for our website.  

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Child Trust Fund Enquiries 

Independent Financial Advice

All enquiries relating to Child Trust Funds
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All enquiries relating to Children's
Pension, ISAs, Lump Sum Investments etc...

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