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Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)


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Ask the Experts is MyEggNest's free service for questions on Junior ISAs and any aspect of family finance.

Ask our Independent Financial Advisor Steve Weisner a question here.

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Child Tax-Exempt Savings Plans

Did you know that Children's Tax-Exempt Savings Plans (TESPs) also provide a long-term, tax-free way to save for your children's future?

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to find out more about a tax-efficient way to build up a nest-egg for your child in addition to a Junior ISA, and compare providers.

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Enter our FREE Prize Draw and one lucky winner, chosen at random, will receive £250 added to their Children Savings Account.

MyEggNest is proud to support Get Connected.

You can learn more about Get Connected, a free, confidential helpline for young people, here.

To find out how you can make a donation, visit www.getconnected.org.uk.


Health In Pregnancy Grant to Help New Parents

Date: 11 March 2009

From April 2009, around 64,000 expectant women per month will be eligible to benefit from a new, one off, tax free payment being introduced by the Government as part of its ongoing plans to improve the well being of mothers and children. 

Called the Health in Pregnancy Grant, this £190 payment is designed to help mothers to be prepared for the birth of their child by encouraging them to improve their fitness levels and stay healthy in the final weeks before delivery. Not all pregnant women make this final check before birth and it is hoped that this financial benefit will encourage them to see their midwife or GP.

Costs really increase in the final few weeks as last minute preparation means lots of things to buy. All new mothers to be will be eligible to claim the Health in Pregnancy Grant provided they receive advice from either their midwife or doctor. This single requirement is designed to encourage even the small number of women who do not seek advice to make that final health visit before birth.

Claim forms are available from the midwife or doctor following the first antenatal check up after the 25th week of pregnancy. This claim form should then be sent to HM Revenue and Customs who will make the £190 deposit into the nominated account. Forms must be returned within 31 days to be eligible. 

The good news is that the money can be spent on anything at all!

The Grant is eligible for any mother with an expectant birth date on or after 6th April 2009. To ensure your entitlement, make sure that you book your antenatal appointment as soon as possible after the 25th week of pregnancy. This will enable you to get the claim form completed and, as well as ensuring you are in tip top condition, you will be £190 financially better off.

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Choose up to £25 worth of ethical gift vouchers or £15 worth and have a tree planted on your behalf when you set up a regular Direct Debit of £20 or more. 

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Boost your children and grandchildren's Child Trust Fund and Children's Savings. MyEggNest has teamed up with Greasypalm - the UK's first online rewards programme to pay you in cash, to save for your children's future. It is a free savings club which earns cashback on your shopping from hundreds of different shops.
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Interesting Fact

Child Tax Exempt Savings Plans (TESPs) are an efficient and simple way to save for your child, and Shepherds Young Saver Plan lets you put away more per month than any other TESP.

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