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Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)
Compare Junior ISA (JISA)


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Ask the Experts is MyEggNest's free service for questions on Junior ISAs and any aspect of family finance.

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Child Tax-Exempt Savings Plans

Did you know that Children's Tax-Exempt Savings Plans (TESPs) also provide a long-term, tax-free way to save for your children's future?

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to find out more about a tax-efficient way to build up a nest-egg for your child in addition to a Junior ISA, and compare providers.

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is an in
dependent Junior ISA and Children’s Savings Plan website designed to help families save money for your child’s future. Make use of our expert financial knowledge, view our Children's Savings Plan and Junior ISA comparison tables and reviews, and see what the different Children's Savings and Junior ISA providers have to offer you and your family. 

Compare Junior ISAs 

MyEggNest has the UK's largest selection of Children's Savings Reviews and detailed Junior ISA Comparison Tables.  We make it easier for you to decide on and keep track of your Junior ISA.  


Junior ISA - Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Comparison

Stocks and Shares Junior ISA Comparison Table
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Cash Junior ISA Comparison Table

Compare Child Tax Exempt Savings Plans(TESPs)

Child TESPs offer a simple way to save up to £25 per month tax-free. An exception to this monthly limit is Shepherds Young Saver Plan, which allows up to £100 per month.
Compare Child Tax Exempt Savings Plans

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Shepherds Young Saver Plan

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Children's Savings Plan Reviews

Website: http://www.shepherdsfriendly.co.uk/
Reviewed by Natalie
They give regular statements to keep me up to date regarding the balances on my account. They have friendly patient polite staff who explain things clearly by using basic terms and not hard to understand technical financial terms.They give some good advice on other products which may be of interest in the future. All in all very happy with service so far and have had no problems with anything. Will continue to bank with them with total confidence. Happy. More reviews 

Save up to £100 a month
With Child Tax Exempt Savings Plans (TESPs) a tax efficient way to save for your child in addition to a Junior ISA, Shepherds Young Saver Plan gives you the chance to lock away more per month than any other TESP.

The plan allows parents to save from as little as £7.50 to £100 each month - 4 times more than with other providers. Shepherds is also set to launch a Junior ISA.

For more information, click here  


Read all the latest Junior ISA and Children's Savings news in our MyEggNest News Archive.






07 Feb 14 Tutors International announce highest number of private tutor vacancies since their foundation in 19
  Junior ISATutors International announce highest number of private tutor vacancies since their foundation in 1999. Tutors International, global provider of full-time private tutoring, announced that they have never had so many concurrent private tuition positions advertised, highlighting the growth of the private tutoring industry.

22 Dec 13 Saving for your childs future
  Junior ISA Naturally enough everyone wants to give their child the best start in life, to love, care for and cherish them as they grow up. Their teenage and adult years seem a long way off but they do arrive, and it is best to be prepared. That is why it is good to consider how best to save for a child as early as possible rather than leaving it until it’s too late. Building that nest egg for the future, whether it can be turned into a first car, help towards college fees or to take the first step onto the property ladder, is a sound way to help that transition into adult life.

20 Dec 13 Innovating your child’s approach to math and science
  Junior ISA In Pasadena, California, school administrators, teachers and parents alike are constantly searching for new ways to encourage their students’ development in math and science skills. IT is closely linked to math and science and the subject will continue to play an essential part in the modern work force, and the demand for those skills is projected to increase in the future. School curricula is placing more and more emphasis on both disciplines, and the search for ways to integrate math and science in other subject areas has led many educators and parents to look to outside programs, such as the Children’s Center at Caltech Pasadena, for assistance and inspiration.

19 Jun 13 Junior ISA Could Ease 12 Year Savings Period for First Time Homeowners
  Junior ISA Rising rent prices and stagnant wages have combined into a nightmare scenario for first-time homebuyers, a charity has warned. According to housing charity Shelter, young people seeking to get on the property ladder have had the “goalposts moved” nearly beyond their reach, with research showing that it will now take over a decade to raise enough cash for a housing deposit.

18 Jun 13 5 Apps For Tech Savvy Mums To Teach Children About Finance
  MyEggNest News. New research from the government-supported Money Advice Service (MAS) shows that children’s financial habits are, for the most part, formed by the time they reach the age of 7. Of course, it’s never truly too late to teach children the crucial personal finance skills they will need to thrive in this world, but keeping in mind the “too late when they’re eight” mantra, we’ve compiled a list of 5 apps and websites that can help you teach your child how to budget, save and spend wisely.

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